Cazzoo - Caflon dealer in Denmark

We are Cazzoo - Caflon dealer in Denmark, wholesale ear piercings and nose piercings. If you need products that caflon produces just contact us if they are not on our online web shop

Caflon is a manufacturer of the most recognized ear piercing systems in the world. Using legendary British engineering combined with unique value, Caflon provides piercing technicians with the most affordable ear piercing systems of the highest quality.

About Caflon

Legendary British Engineering. The British are known for their design and engineering excellence. Some of the finest products in the automotive, medical, and manufacturing world come from the United Kingdom. At Caflon, our UK heritage is reflected in the finest quality of every single ear piercing component we make. From our precision instruments and piercing studs, to our piercing care products, Caflon utilizes advanced environmentally friendly production technology to create the safest ear piercing systems at the lowest prices.

Our promise to you

As an international company operating in the process of ear piercing and our reputation for high standards is crucial to our business success.
We constantly strive to provide the best service and quality, at affordable prices, to our customers.
Ensures you our best attention.
Wholesale A total purchase of at least 500 DKK (VAT excl.) Required to approve your order