PK2 Caflon ear piercing set
  • PK2 Caflon ear piercing set

PK2 Caflon ear piercing set


Caflon ear piercing set
This set is to make ear and nose piercings, with good training is quick and easy. All you need to start is here so its a good ear piercing starter set.

Caflon Blu Intro Kit

1 Ear Piercing Instrument
1 Marker Pen
Cleansing Wipes


The gun should only be used with caflon stud, which fits perfectly into the gun so that the hole is made, where you wanted it. If you have questions you can contact us. Ear piercing through Caflon Systems is a safe and useful profit service equiring little in the way of financial investments, using minimal amounts of space, and takes only a short time. The profit margin is also good to do Caflon Ear piercing Systems a wise and safe investment.. Caflon studs are made of hypoallergenic material meaning they do not cause allergies or irritations. All studs are supplied in validated presterilised blister help 'ethylene oxide' Gas and Gas permeates the paperAny pair or earringswhy are individually sterilizedComplies with EC Nickel Directive 94/27 / EF.Vi must point out that the colors can vary depending on the screen resolution. Deliver the goods are not up to your expectations, you can send back, but only in CONTINUOUSLY packagingThe product can always be seen through the packaging. Check always before you break the bag that the product is as desiredWholesale ear piercing studs